On teaching at City College in the SEEK (Search for Elevation, Education, and Knowledge) program:
“There has never been a set curriculum or a required reading list; we have poached off each others’ booklists, methods, essay topics, grammar-teaching exercises, and anything else that we hoped would work ‘work’ for us.”
–Adrienne Rich, “Teaching Language in Open Admissions” (1972)

We’ve put together this site in order to continue thinking alongside students about the kinds of spaces for learning and writing that have been created – and challenged –  by administration, activist students, and faculty at CUNY.  CUNY has a rich history of activism, teacher-activist-poet practice, and the important legacy of Open Admissions (1970-75). Please browse this site and use any lessons or resources made available here in your classroom. 

More importantly, we welcome your contributions to this site, either in the form of lessons you develop related to teaching CUNY at CUNY, or particular resources that you have found useful and would consider sharing here.

We consider this site as an active, collaborative document, one that will continue to give shape with your ideas, input and feedback.


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